Wednesday, 2 October 2013

(Not) puppy love

A'las the donkey caved
The mouse mourned
And dust mites eloped
with ter's
Hopping sun to sun to light to moon
Happily Ever Bliss

I do love you

they cried in devastation

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hold On With Faith

And Hope escaped, forging a path of pale moonlight along the dense deceptive darkness

Faith is the leaf that bends and flows to the will of your wind

A trust is not so, unless understood.  But that was impossible so you chopped like weathered wood
Harming and fruitless you trudged on back.

Till that light.
       that Faith
       that Hope
Settled only through
  self mind and tasked and humbled first.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Beginnings Are Plenty

The eye piece may be green, the glass a tinted mauve, yet the piece itself was not for odd
against the rift of scope.
Time is seen and 
each memory cleared. 

Goodbye was uncertain. Mind your tongue on
    this juncture.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hate Was Here

Its a heated discussion
And a mental trap.
The hidden alcove of your brain,
    sets the path I take.
It may be a trap
and most probably hidden.
but I see you for it
I see the hate,
the mistake.

Now nerve-years later,
I hear this plea.
Set aside
    No mystery.

Deductions of past
so blind,
in faith
and feel.

Indifference was worse, truly
I miss you Hate.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Slaves Sight

When my master assigned this task
I bowed and hastened
to comply.
Now lingering in murky cells
I know not a whisper of free-thought,
The past?
The Present?
Or and undecided future?
I was loyal,
I did not toil,
yet here I am, bathed in soil.
If this was my fate, was this my reason of birth?
for the aid of another life?
Perhaps the addition of scum.
It matters nought when all one knows
is what the master taught.
Abide and survive.
Disobey and pay.
This voice once seen as reason,
is but the dictation of my thought.
A lingering echo of all i had once sought.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Unloved - Part One

They don't ask, they blunder!

And when their life comes crashing down

its with the turbulence of a thunder.

Its the truth honey, it really is

why would I take an age to erase that which i engraved?

Has not life shown you the glitters of humanity?

I hate your answer. I hate your frown.

Were it not for my illimitable love

this adoration I'd drown.

Can't you see my anger?

Its seeping into the forest of your heart

The endless supply of leaves and wood

that once kindled our spark.

Is it no more, my dear?

Is love a fickle ring?

It seem'd endless but whoever

said you can't fall off the rim?


I hope you enjoy this verse as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Sunday, 30 August 2009


Hey people who stumble upon this blog. Its a 'spin-off' from my real blog: A Luna Labyrinth. This is basically a blog where I plan to post my creative writings. A sort of web-scrap book of stories, poems, song etc

Any comments, be they critical or one-liner are all appreciated. After all we all learn from our errors, so I certainly wont hold a grudge if you criticise an entry!